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20070705_00704p My daughter does some strange things sometimes.  He is very organized.  She loves it though.  Here is her play this evening by herself, me just the photographer.

She starts with the bears on the stand laying.  Side by side lined up perfectly.

20070705_00904p She then moves them to the floor, she puts the kitchen town just like if she was covering them for a nap or whatever.  She then attempts to pick them up while covered.

20070705_01104p Here she sits them on her chair, with the towel again like in a nap.  She changes her mind though. 

20070705_01204p They end with the town under them sitting nicely on the chair. 

20070705_01404p She later did this on the floor with them.

20070705_01804p And finally she put it on her little toy container in front of her.

She moved on to play something else here, but I am mesmerized with what is she thinking when she meticulously places them like this with such care, from place to place.

Do your two year olds do this??