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Is not this time of year, yeah the holidays are great and all that.  I am broke from them and they almost seem senseless to me.  I know that sounds very much like the grinch of which I am not.  I enjoy the whole get together dinner stuff as much as the next.  I like the lights and the wreaths too.  I don’t like the cold of winter though and the rush to the stores, and the just coax, that are the holidays.

Anyways, my favorite time of year is a toss up between Spring and Fall.  I really enjoy both of these seasons immensely.  They make the cold of winter and the heat of summer well worth the wait.

I love the beautiful new blossoms and fresh new green of spring.  The baby animals being born, and just the renewal of life that seems to occur in spring.  It is crazy, but even with humans this seems so as the yards start getting fixed up and just hussle and bustle of a different sort than the holidays seems to occur each year.  You see people working in there yards that have been in a bit of hibernation all through winter.  It is nice to see an old common wave come back and renew…yeah I get waved at a lot on my routes.  LOL…

The fall, I of course love the color, the vibrancy of fall is just stupendous.  I love the colors so much that if you ask me my favorite color I won’t be lying when I say “Orange” fresh from the center of fall foliage colors.  I also love the harvest though, the food of fall.  The corn on the cob, the preparation time for winter.  It is almost invigorating, which is a good thing when you think of how close winter is. 

Wow, that was fun to think about the seasons for a bit. I love living in an area that has very distinct season of the year though.  Pennsylvania is a great place to be.  This is my entry into the MamaBlogga monthly writing project, this month there are many of us writing about the best time of the year for them.