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Baby on cell phoneWell, we are doing good at staying home. We stayed home today too. Yesterday we only went to Robin’s for the first half of the game. Most people know that I like the Texans and the Saints, so I was glad that they won. Robin though is a die hard Eagles fan, so I sort of felt guilty in the end. She probably was about crying when it ended. I left at half time though, so I am still alive. Now they have to play the Bears, so hopefully they blow them away, but I think it will be a good game.

Here is Kyra with her new word “hi” talking into the wrong end of the cell phone.

We had a pretty normal Sunday here. Our new kitchen is the highlight though. It is so nice to go out there and just look at it.

Father Daughter by New Sink..

I have been working writing some medical papers for a New England Patriots fan today. She paid me, but how did I do it? LOL… I guess I could really use the money. I mean paying for my kitchen and my ultrasound is going to really tighten up this month. Oh, and don’t forget Christmas although I didn’t do so bad, probably only spent about $500. New tires on our cars…wow. huh?

New Sink ModelI am going to some intestine specialist on Tuesday too. My stomach is still hurting, so who knows how much he will cost or if he will do anything to me at all but take money. I hate doctors.

There is no school until Wednesday too which sucks for me. I need money so I need there to be school. Sorry kids, but school is good for bus drivers.

Well, that is all for now. Bye…