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Today was interesting.  Kyra was at Adam’s of course for the night and all the way until 7 tonight. 

We went to our training for diabetes.  Today our lesson was on the fats and some on weight management.  Yeah a room of fat diabetic people and they are telling them to loose 20% of there weight.  I was the smallest one in the room and I don’t consider myself that small.  I sort of found this crazy.

I went and did my Circuit City job after.  It was a quick one, but took longer than I thought it would.  I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  I than went and did my Sears job, it was another quick one.  It is the same one that I do every few weeks without almost any changes.  I love it though.

Brandi though was in town for these few days.  She used to be my neighbor like 2 years ago and I still talk to her online all the time, but she lives up in Allentown now. 

 She had a funeral to go to, so I got to see her after this.  She is 7 months pregnant and looking as cute as ever.  She thinks she is fat of course like all good pregnant ladies do.  I didn’t take my camera…duh me.

Anyways, I finally got to see Kent, her little boy.  He is 8 months old and this is the first time I saw him in person.  He is about as cute as can be.  He is so so much cuter in person than online in his pictures.  He is expecting a little sister in a few months and she is pretty excited about this.  I can’t believe she dyed her hair black, but it looks good.

We were there for a few hours today visiting.

I totally forgot that today is the day that Stan’s help lady comes, so she was at our house waiting for us to get home.  I didn’t even have her number with us to call if I had remembered which I didn’t.  I guess I owe her a huge apology on Thursday.  I wish I had money, I would get her some sort of “I’m Sorry Gift”.  You know suck up..

20070813_00110p 20070813_00210p I worked on some web stuff, but not much.  I got some of my older paperwork for some of my mystery shop jobs done and cleaned up.  I did the Tackle It Tuesday project.  I am not active in that meme though because I have a hard time posting pictures of some of my messes.  LOL…  Today though I am going to.  Here is the before and the after, not a huge difference.  The vacuum went through though and the toys got put on the shelf.

When Kyra got home we went and fed the goats.  I was waiting on her to do it because she likes doing it with me.  I went to the neighbors to ask them about possibly going to Sesame Place with me.  They are going to the beach on the day I am planning, so I will probably be going with just me and Kyra.  I’ll still have a ticket left, so maybe what the heck.  I can go twice before the season is over.  So there….everyone who has rejected my ticket.  I’ll just use it myself.  Blah…

20070814_00607p While I was down there they dressed Kyra up as a hunch back. 

Adam brought Kyra a new pack of underwear too when he came.  He likes throwing her current ones away when she soils them instead of washing them.  So, she had 6 pairs of new Elmo underwear on They were laughing about that.  What?? You aren’t supposed to wear them all at once on the outside of your pants??

20070814_01107p The sky was really pretty on the way home…yeah the 100 yard walk.

We came in watch Barney til Kyra fell asleep and here I am typing away.  I have like 6 people IM’ing me too which I think is a record for  at one time.  I haven’t typed the wrong thing to the wrong person yet, so they each have no idea. 

I am going to bed soon though.  Good Night…