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We went to eat at this really expensive place….like way too expensive for my tastes.  I didn’t know what some of the stuff on the menu even was.  It was really nice though, I could learn this type of menus. I am guessing that the ultimate bill was close to $100 for just the two of us.  Oh well on that though, I wasn’t paying. 

I had this salmon with all sort of herbs and a rice base.  It was so yummy.  He had a shrimp alfredo which was also good.  He fed me his across the table.  I don’t think anyone has ever did that to me.  It felt so strange eating off his fork, but was fun.

We drove around the campus of his college afterward and he showed me all the dorms that he stayed in.  It was interesting.  I had never been on that Penn State Campus. 

I had a great time.  I need to do this way more often.  Way, way more often…

The day leading up to this was pretty good too.  My routes went great.  I was in such a generous mood ha ha.  I gave these Halloween colored pencil things that I bought 2 years ago to the students.  I got more thank you’s for giving something than I ever have.  They were all in there Halloween costumes…well the little kids.  I think the best costume on my bus was a Lemur.  He had a stuffed animal Lemur and he looked so close to the darn thing it wasn’t funny.  He deserved some sort of prize easy.  That made my routes fun and my day seemed to go pretty quick.

20071026_00405a Adam got Kyra for the day after I got a good lick though of course. 

I got home from my routes and went to Robin’s for two reasons.  I had to hear about her trip to the Carolina’s and because I was using her curling iron.  I don’t even own one as my hair is beyond curly usually and the last thing I want is more curls.  I just did two curls of my bangs under on the side.  I talked to her for 2 hours before we left and got all the updates on her life.  It is good.

Oh, and as a bonus when I did get home finally from getting Kyra and all that.  I looked at my site here and notices something very strange…well not strange, but considering all the people I am reading about loosing Page Rank.  Woo Hoo mine went up.  I am now a 4 from a 3.  I never really think about PR though too much when writing here, but I am a bit of a fan of it.  I just assume they will give me what they want.  I write for myself mostly and my readers next.  Anyways…that was a great cap on a great night.