Select Page was great day. We got up fairly early. Robin called me and told me she our gifts and was going to bring them. She got Kyra this really cool basketball hoop. It is really neat…she is going to love it. I know it already. came with Robin, so I got her to stay with me all day…and is spending the night. Her dad had to work today while she has off school. She will go home tomorrow. We went out to dinner this evening. Kyra was all over the place, the waitresses were loving her. Otherwise it was a pretty boring day of just playing in the house.

Kyra seems to be feeling better, but has massive amounts of boogers. You wouldn’t know a girl could produce so much snot.

Look at this poor guy whose picture I found online yesterday. Doesn’t that outfit look like torture??

Today I may have gotten my assignment for TeamDoubleClick. I am now waiting on the call from the man that I will probably work for. They said he would call this evening, but I haven’t got the call yet. I guess I expect it in the morning. So Woo Hoo on that…. took a nap, she was really out. learned from Heather taking pictures of me that the top portion of my back looks like a butt more than the bottom portion. I really should loose some weight. This photo can be my inspiration….

Well, I am going to bed. Night.