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I have been registered with Sponsored Reviews for well over 6 months.  I check in there every other week or so.  I have something like 15 offered bids for reviews right now.  The advertisers I thought never got them because never had I gotten a response.  That is until today.  Woo Hoo!  So, I have to say right off the bat I am impressed with this program it is from Deal Locker.  Anyways, they accepted my review offer and are the first ones to ever do so.

They are a really neat site of coupons and discount codes.  They have a ton of coupon offers and lots from very familiar names to me including both the sites that I sell photos at.  Here is the BigStockPhoto coupon and here is the Fotolia coupon.  I am of course, ladylike4 at both those sites should you want to check out my photos.  I haven’t loaded any photos in awhile, but should be getting back on track with that.  I do sell a few every month though, so the slow income from it is always appreciated…of course.

Oh, yeah back to Deal Locker.  I love that you only ever see the current “now” coupon codes.  They are set up to disappear when the expiration date has came, so there are no unexpected changes and the code will work when you use it.  You don’t get to the site enter the coupon and learn that it has expired or it is good for something different than what was advertised to you.

The codes here are rated by the users, so you can judge how great a deal you are getting beforehand. 

They are also integrated with Ebay auctions for gift cards and the like.  You can see the current bids, so you will know if it is a bargain or not. 

There is even a bookmarklet for Firefox that will give you one click access to your favorite coupon pages.

Anyways, I think you will agree, check out this page of all the stores that they offer coupons in and you should surely find something of interest to you.