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If I were to buy any piece of furniture in the whole wide world right now. No, I am not in the furniture market to broke. I would buy this piece though.


  • It is a bed that is like a top bunk bed.
  • It is not one, but two dressers.
  • I is a desk in the middle that is large enough for a computer set up.
  • It is a closet, but actually two. Each end has one.
  • That isn’t the coolest part though, see that long looking drawer on the bottom there?? In that is a mattress, so yep. If you have a guest…like more say if Kyra had a friend over. You could just pull out the drawer and there is another bed for the guest.

This bed has it all. I would love to have one of these.

parrots I found this bed at the Gallery Furniture online showroom. They have show rooms in my favorite large city. Yes, down there with my favorite football team. Houston is home to the Texans. I am an original Oilers fan and when the new team came in. I switched back. Anyways, Gallery Furniture has been providing Houston furniture from there huge 100,000 square foot show room.

They also have this great bird that it would be worth the visit just to see. His name is Mack. He is a rare Hyacinth Macaw. Isn’t he cool?? I need to make another trip to Houston. Sometimes I sure do miss that big truck that I drove as I haven’t been to Houston since year 2000.