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We started out today with Kyra hiding under the fish tank.  The cupboard is empty under there and she is the perfect fit.  LOL… 

We than went to the dog show.

People are dog crazy. The parking lot was hugely crowded and people were everywhere.  My grandma, aunt, and cousins came for the show (from New York State).  Dogs are cool and that, but the people are so snobbish with there dogs here.  It is sort of comical.  There are cool people here too, of course.  The majority are friendly mostly, but have a just underneath the surface feeling of snobbery.  I think the smell of stress was in the air right with the sometimes not so subtle hint of dog urine. 

They all also seem to know each other and look at someone strange around the ring as who are you, sort of.  LOL…  I might be out of my mind with this feeling, but this is what I was sensing via my 6th sense.  We all have that right??

It was fun though.  The agility part we went to first was the best though of the day I must admit.  I took one of the best action pictures I have ever taken.  My camera is a digital with a delay in taking a picture, so the timing is so so hard to get down when taking action shots.  You have to press the release like a quarter of a second before the actual action is about to take place.

We went to this agility part first and than to the more sophisticated dog show section, the who has the best looking dog of all the dogs that look basically the same.  They than who has the ultimate in best most beautiful dog which has all the dogs that look different and none the same.  We didn’t stay for that part.

Kyra was woofing and panting a lot, but I think she got sick of it.  She quit after awhile.  She got to pet a few dogs though and we walked around a whole lot, which was nice.

The majority of the dogs were either tied to grooming stands or laying on the floor at there master’s feet waiting for the show to begin.

We left the show and went to the Macaroni Grill.  It was good, but way over priced for what we got.  Kyra got Mac and Cheese kids meal and the menu says Lots of Pasta, Lots of Cheese which there was, but the cheese was all at the bottom, so you had to use it like a dip with the pasta. It was strange and needed some thickening.  I think we paid extra for the waitresses clean not a speck on them white shirts.    Macaroni’s was in a shopping plaza which had a Children’s Place store in it, so we went in there.  We ended up buying Kyra a summer outfit and a new rainhat.  This is like her favorite hat that she has at home, but she is outgrowing it.  I don’t even think she will notice it missing with this almost look alike replacement.  She slept all the way home and continued sleeping (in the car) while I fixed the flower beds and Adam mowed the entire lawn.  Our lawn takes 2 hours to mow, so it was an amazing event. 

We came in and the rest is history.  Good Night…