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So, I have a lot of pictures from today too.  I did some really long posts awhile ago with pictures and I look back and don’t like them, so I am going to break today down into The Ride and The Family.

We started off the ride doing very well.  We read awhile and then Kyra took her nap.  It seemed like getting up there was very very fast.

Coming back was a whole different issue.  There was virtually no traffic on the way up, but on the way back al though we were in no major delays.  We were stopped in traffic once about 3 miles from our final exit.  I was thinking we would be there awhile, but turned out to be nothing.

Trying on headbands is a fun travel idea.

  Or you can always go with the classic, sucking on your own toes.  She only did this this one time, but it was pretty funny almost shocking that she did.

All in all, we had a great ride with little fussing even though we were in the car over 8 hours today.  It was a good trip…