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The Magpie has an appointment with an ophthalmologist in September, at which time she will be roughly 15 months old. There are no symptoms: no crossed eyes, no wandering orbs, no failed or flimsy attempts to grab her favourite items of the day. What we do have is me. And I didn’t have any of those symptoms either, yet my left eye is as good as useless. Better still, I have family members similarly afflicted.

So, it really didn’t take much for our pediatrician to suggest that a specialist have a look at our daughter’s eyes. We’re not really sure what he’ll be able to look for at 15 months, without there being communication between the doctor and the patient, but he can presumably tell something. And, at the very least, we can tell him what she does see.

She sees her puppy and her kitty. And all the neighbourhood puppies and kitties. There is nothing like a cat to cause a knee-high streak tearing down the lane. She sees her books and can find her favourite page in each. She sees the dog hair I haven’t vacuumed and picks it up to give to me. She sees her Dada and sees him well enough to pat his head, poke his nose and pick any decals off his shirts. She sees me. She sees what kind of shirt I’m wearing and whether it is more efficient to try and pull it up or pull it down. She sees her grandparents on the video calls and the playground from across the street. She sees the only drum worth having among a pile of drums and shakers at music class.

She does see her world. She sees who her friends are, who she wants to be her friends and who she’d rather would leave her the hell alone. She knows where to place her kisses and her punches. And I’d say that means she sees quite well enough.

We’re just hoping the ophthalmologist thinks so, too.


Jenn is a recently back-to-work mom of a one year old girl. She writes about her daughter, her daughter’s temporary stay-at-home dad and life’s other sundries at Quarter Rest. This post is part of the July Blog Exchange – be sure to head over to Quarter Rest to see Jennifer’s post today!