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 Today was quite a day.  We had 2 of Adam’s brothers here today. Andy and Kevin came.  Adam and Andy first went for a major long bike ride.  I know Adam came back early a lot earlier than Andy and he went about 14 miles.  Andy said he rode his 47 miles…which I guess I believe.

20070701_00209aKyra still has a temperature.  She has been loving all day.  I held her for probably 3 hours on my lap while she wasn’t sleeping, but just laying her head on my shoulder.  Oh, was I sweating like crazy.  She has a temperature around 100.  It hasn’t been going up or down really from that too much.  She took a nap and is in bed sound asleep now again without any sort of fighting it.

Kevin is here now for the night.  He is going home tomorrow.  Adam has sort of been with them all day and I have been with Kyra and Stan.  They all went out to eat though with Kyra too.

When Kyra was in a good mood she was trying on pants, mine and hers.  She probably tried 5 or 6 pairs on.

I didn’t get much work done today.  I did finally get my fish tank cleaned though.  I have appointments for a ton of the day tomorrow, so I don’t imagine getting a whole lot down tomorrow either…which sort of sucks.

So, I am off to shower and bed.  Night.