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 I think my father-in-law should be loosing his mind by now.  I am pretty boring, but he has a hard time walking, so this is maybe pretty good.  He is getting along with Kyra pretty good though, she can make about anyone smile.  In this picture you get one of his winks.

I did my routes like normal.  He was watching TV and just hanging out.  My routes went smoothly everyone behaving pretty good.  The one kid that is usually out of control on the bus was running down the stairs at the school which is a no no I guess, so they made him go back to the top and walk down, but he ran to the top, so they made him go back to the bottom and walk back up and then walk back down.  LOL….  I think he was tired from the 4 rounds of up and down the stairs when he got onto the bus and just sat nicely.

This proving my point that I have told the principal before, but her reply was a laugh.  I would love for the students to have to do a 3 minute run in the gym before getting on my bus.  This should be do able by just sending the students to the gym when the first bus arrives…I am there about 5 minutes after the first bus.  The kids could be good and tired when they got on the bus and all I would have to do is make sure they aren’t sleeping when I get to there stop.  LOL…

Anyways, back to today.  I got done with my routes and Stan (my father-in-law), Kyra and I all went to Red Lobster.  Adam doesn’t like there, so I sneak off to there anytime I get a chance to eat out without him.  Stan had never eaten crab before, and he did today.  He cleaned his plate. He even ordered dessert which he isn’t supposed to, but he did anyways.  He got a fudge brownie sundae.  It did look yummy.

We went to the park and Kyra swinged on the swing a little and rode the spring toys.  We weren’t there very long.

We came home and she played and played.  She makes you tired just watching her.

She is now all into dressing herself, so yes.  That is a diaper on the outside of her pants.  She than went to bed on the couch watching some boring real estate show that I started watching, but came to my computer instead of finishing.

That was the day.  It went pretty quickly. Good Night…