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We went to Lurgan Greenhouse later in the morning this morning with Tom.  I was looking for those tomato trees, but they didn’t have any. We stopped at Nolt’s greenhouse on the way back too and she didn’t have any either, but I didn’t suspect her too as she is a very small greenhouse. 

Most of you reading this, don’t know that my mom owns a greenhouse, so I grew up in there watering and junk.  This makes me a huge fan of flowers but a very sorry fan of keeping them pretty.  I do know that there is too much work to most of them and I am not willing to work that hard for something that ultimately dies and you never see your work again…

Anyways…we went to the greenhouses.

Here is a sampling of the flowers we saw.

This is Kyra in the greenhouse shopping cart.  This cart is pretty strange as it doesn’t have a basket only like a table for you to put your plants on, looking at it you wonder what keeps it balanced so it doesn’t fall flat onto Kyra’s face.  I kept watching it, but it was secure.  Kyra liked the garden accessories with Piggies and Kitties.

We came back from this and went on our afternoon bus routes.  It all went smooth as can be.

I have more pictures….see the new camera is working.  LOL….