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20070625_00711aSo here is yesterday’s post because I don’t want to stay so behind on here.  We stayed home all day yesterday.  It was a pretty boring day.  I did give Stan a head shave though like he wanted.  He was complaining that his hair not even an inch long was too long.  LOL… so I chopped it off with my shaver.

Look at that gross burnt corn bread too.  I cooked it on the grill and it burnt, so it was so gross.  The pork was good though, so we only ate that.

20070625_02906pI got a whole lot of work and reading down yesterday.  Adam got a lot of cuddling time with Kyra, she really wanted to sit with him yesterday more than usual.

20070625_02611aShe watched TV for quite awhile yesterday too.  She is bizarre in that she seems to like the same Barney show more and more everyday.

So that was all, my very boring day.

Today isn’t all that much more exciting.  We had our lady’s come and then the representative from the department of aging came for his annual assessment of Stan.  They are going to have handles installed in the bathroom, so that he can easier get in and out of the shower.  This is all really cool.