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Today was a good day.  It was still strange to be home alone.  The lady that takes care of Stan came and visited with me basically.  I didn’t want her pay to get cut, so I just had Stan sign for her when he got back.  It was nice though, she is a nice lady.

The boy that stole from me before on my bus stole again from me, only I wouldn’t have caught him this time.  I have this bag of “treats” on my bus, it consists of like pencil erasers, pencils, toy cars, stuff like that… if I see a student do something nice to another student.  I will let them select something out of this bag to keep.  I don’t really keep an inventory on it, but if it is running low or I see an exceptional deal in something.  I go ahead and buy things.  Well, the principal brought out a whole pile of things from this bag gathered from this one particular student, asked if they were mine which they were. 

I appreciate him catching on that the stuff was mine, but now this is the second time.  It continues to tick me off that he is allowing him to steal from me and not kicking him off my bus for any amount of time.  I want this kid off now at least for a few days, so his parents can talk to him about not stealing on his/their ride to school without me or my things.  It is like the principal discounts my things which really sort of upsets me.

I am so not sending Kyra to this school when she gets to that age if that is still the principal.  It is like he has these huge morals, but he ignores them in the discipline stage.  He is all talk and no follow through and the kids all know it. 

Anyways, that was today.  The kids were generally good though.  I really do drive around some great students who have some amazing futures in front of them. 

I got home from my afternoon routes and Stan had been returned and his family was gone.  He said they left about 3, so they are probably just getting home now as I type this.

My evening after this was pretty boring.  Stephen came to visit, which is now always nice.  Kyra wasn’t going to bed though, so we just watched Sesame Street.  That is pretty much all that Kyra watches, so it is almost default if she is watching.  She will watch CSI though if we insist.  I don’t usually if it is bed time though as she is grumpy enough. 

Kyra is still up, so that long nap today must have worked to keep her up so long tonight.

20071112_08202p Here is one of the photos of me that we took yesterday.  I think this one turned out great, but you can’t tell that I am up on this huge platform thing, pretty high.

20071112_03103p Here is my favorite one of Ricky.  He was the goal of the photography mission, this is one of the last ones that I took and it is in his own yard.  I edited it a little, but I really like the way he looks in this one.  There are others that look nice too though.

20071112_05502p Here is Lyn.  This is a better shot for her to put on her Pampered Chef page.  There are others we took of her that look nice too.

I can’t believe that it is almost 11 already though.  Today was so boring, but it seemed to have gone so fast.  That is a very unusual combination for a day.  Fast and boring…doesn’t happen often in my world.

I talked to Robert tonight to about his nickel chunk that I am going to list for sale on ebay this weekend.  Yeah, I have decided to do it this weekend.  I really should get more of a write up for it done tomorrow though.  I should have some time tomorrow during the day and Thursday during the day.  I have some jobs to do in the evenings for the rest of the week, so busy busy.

Have a wonderful night…