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Today was a rather normal day.  Kyra got up ate breakfast with her dad.  She does something like this everyday.

We went on our bus route.  We sit and chat with Pat (and Barb usually, but she wasn’t there today) for about 40 minutes in between my routes.  We do this chatting in a parking lot down by a park.  This is Pat and Kyra in the park.  Pat is trying to get Kyra to smell the flowers.

This is just another photo taken in this same park.  It is really a beautiful place, very well tended to by volunteers.  Some mornings there are up to 10 people in there picking weeds and raking and what not while we sit in our busses talking.

I finished my routes.  It was a rather normal day.  One of the kids that wasn’t riding is back, so it was less peaceful than it had been.  I don’t think he figured it out yet. 

I have more pictures, so next post in a few….LOL. (I don’t like posting tons of pictures in one post.)