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Well, the move was a success with Stan in his own bed at my house for the first night now.  Could there have been a prettier day.  It wasn’t super hot, but not cold either.  It was simply a nice day here.  It was on the cold side when he packed and left his house.  The robins were out in full force.

Andy was along for the whole time.  I am glad that we had help with this move and he did a wonderful job.  I hardly lifted a finger and Stan either.  It would have not went as smoothly without him.

 Budget proved to be a good truck.  We have had U-haul fall apart on us before, but the budget ones seem a better deal even for a few dollars more per day (same per mile).

Kyra and I were home while they were gone. We were outside a lot and playing around, coloring, we were out with the goats. Kyra went for a walk with the cat.  Well, the cat never leaves our side while we are outside, she is our watch guard.

We went out to eat with Stan, Andy, Adam, Kevin, myself, and Kyra when all the unloading was done and after dropping the rental truck back off.  I took pictures at the restaurant, but they didn’t turn out.  Here is Kyra with a cheesy smile on the way home from eating.

Well that was my day.  Good Night…