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Today went really slow and wasn’t anything like yesterday.  I probably had fun, but looking back it didn’t seem that fun.  I did my routes and felt I was overly complaining. 

I am writing up two students whom on another day probably wouldn’t have gotten written up.  They weren’t sitting….I had to tell them to sit like 8 or 9 times, so they do deserve the write ups.  I have instructions to tell them once and write them up on second ask.  You see…I was way, way to lenient last year and toward the end of the year it bit me.  The school gives the kids a ton of warnings for write ups, so if you have students misbehaving all the time.  You have to write them up in order for any punishment to be dispersed when you get to fed up. 

Last year, I didn’t write up anyone until like February all the while the students weren’t behaving.  I was expecting some sort of punishment besides loss of recess.  That is what I got.  If I had taken time to do write ups early…they could have lost recess the first month of school and maybe would have learned by the time February came and if not they would have enough write ups to be kicked off the bus a few days and hence slight reprieve for me.

Anyways, today seemed very long.

I pulled 3 wheel barrel loads of weeds from the garden for the horses.  We walked twice around the short block.  We went to the store and got some milk, eggs, and cat food.

It was really a rather dull day with me being a grump for no reason at all.