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This is a great little book. What an imaginative little pig. Kyra and I went to the MOMS Club storybook cooking, so we ate pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. They had pineapple and strawberry..Emmmm.

Then we drove like normal. My kindergarten route had a parent not out, so I kept the girl on my bus. I got done and the school called me and asked me if I would take her to her house because her mom didn’t have transportation to go to the school to get the girl. Well, I said I guess…So my route was 20 extra minutes because I had to go back to the place that was the furthest from my house. I told the mom when I got there that I wouldn’t do that again, so she should be out a few minutes before noon. Well, I hope she is…I hate when parents aren’t there. It is so irresponsible and totally not hard as I am pretty predictable with my time. I probably have a 4 minute variable based on traffic.

Here is a picture that I took today on the way to the mall. I went this evening walking with the MOMS Club, but only me and another lady showed up. So we walked for an hour it was nice because we are so similar. I am so glad that I am meeting more people close to being like me. It is so good to meet people that aren’t crazy religious and aren’t huge drinkers, like normal family people.

Well, that was my busy day. Tomorrow won’t be so busy. It will be my cool down day. Well, I am going to bed. Night….