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20070806_01907p Today started out a rather dull day.  We woke up late, so slept great.  We sort of lazied around all morning.  Adam came at 11 or so to spend time with Kyra.  He left with her and they went to the mall.  She came back dead tired from running in the center of the mall…I assume.  She was napping and napped for 3 hours so right past dinner.

She woke up though and we got her new pool out and into the yard we went.  The water from the hose was freezing cold, so a good contrast from the 90 degree weather.  We sat on the porch eating peaches from our tree and resting our feet in the pool.

20070806_00906p I asked the neighbor kids how there trip to the beach was and that prompted them to visit for 3 hours.  It was a good thing.  I haven’t seen them nearly as much as I would like to see them.  Well…Steph and Kyra finally went at it with the pool too.  They were running and jumping in and splashing everywhere.  It was very funny.  Stan was laughing so hard.

Kyra would run as fast as she could up to the side and then stop dead cold put her feet over and jump in.  She couldn’t clear the edge without getting in first.  It was very funny.

The boys came in the house and were watching baseball that they don’t get at there house. 

They all stayed until 10 when I changed the TV to Barney.  They left than…Kyra and I brushed our teeth.  She has become hungry now…she slept through dinner, so she is eating pop tarts and popicles now.  Her dinner made it into the fridge as leftovers.

It was a great day. Good Night…