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20070706_01203p Well, today was rather uneventful…as you can tell from the tests.  I only went to Carlisle and did a job otherwise we were just home doing normal playing with Kyra, watching TV, cooking, and a very little cleaning. 

The easy highlight of the day was photographing that bird.  I am very easy…LOL.  This is a photo of the bridge that we stopped by when I took that photo.  It is nice too. 

There was another exciting thing that happened, the details of Adam’s new pay came.  They give a raise to us when his contract is renewed…which I was so happy to announce a few weeks ago that it was.  I was expecting something like a 50 cent raise.  Well….the results are in so sit down.  He is getting $1.71 raise.  That means like $300 more a month which will really help with our bills.  It is effective July 1st, so next paycheck.  Woo Hoo….do a little dance.

I have been thinking that I was going to go get another additional job to help out with the bills.  This will relax that idea for a bit which makes me very happy.

I also did some work on my site here in my blog rolls.  I made the Blogger Chicks and the Blogging Chicks each have there own blogroll page.  These are both recent additions to my site. There are such wonderful bloggers out there. (I admit that I don’t think I will get through them both, but I am trying.)  There is surely something for everyone with every interest.  The world is an amazing place.  I am so happy to be alive in this era.

Well, all these things together make today a great day.  I should go shoot random pictures more often, I am missing doing that.  LOL… 

Good Night..