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 20070916_00508a Today was really fun for all of us.  We were going to the rock show.  I had told Kyra this last night before we went to bed…oops.  She was ready to go by 8, both our purses and keys in hand.  See the lip when I told her it would be a few more hours.  LOL…

20070916_00108aEventually though we were off.  She was overly ready shades and all.

Stan got all interested in rocks today which was fun for me.  Some of my friends sort of thinks I am a bit on the crazy side for liking “rocks, not the kind you smoke” that is how some of them say it.  Stan wanted to go to the show with us today mostly because I don’t think he wanted to stay home alone.  Anyways, he was more excited about it than I was. 

I thought the show was on the expensive side and had more jewelry than rocks, which I am not against jewelry, but it isn’t what I went to see.  Stan bought a bead which is pretty neat looking.

20070916_01401p The show consisted of two big rooms like this one with a stage in the middle.  It was sort of a strange set up for a stage, but whatever.  It was at a school with 3 large slide play areas set up outside.

20070916_04502p This one was Kyra’s favorite and mine too. She could climb to the slide without help and she probably went on it over 100 times.

20070916_04702p I was tired watching, but it was fun.  I went down it probably 10 times myself.  We went to all three of the big slides though and went down some of them.  Kyra doesn’t like covered slides, like those tube things.  She will only go down open slides by herself. 

We didn’t get home til after 6, so it was a long day out.

Kyra and I went to Robins when we got home.  We went to see the horses as they are down there now, but we get to talking.  You know how that goes.

We came home watched CSI from the DVR.  Kyra fell asleep in my arms making me numb and the show ended.  I put her in bed and here  I am planted every since.

I wanted to tell everyone that my bus was repaired as well.  I got it back while Kyra was sleeping on Friday.  She never mentioned in her post that she fell asleep in the old bus and woke up our regular bus.  The problem wasn’t as serious as they believed and it was repaired under warranty and everything.  My boss sort of gleamed when he told me, I think he was planning a big dent in his pocket from it.  It was something electronic, so I am happy happy as well.  I like this bus.

I was thinking about it though and I think I have a 3rd week of school curse.  It was the 3rd week last year when my bus (same bus) caught on fire.  It worked great for the rest of the school year, so hopefully my luck is about the same now that I got that over with.

Good Night…