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Well, since I went asking for 1/2 the repair costs which would have been like $100. I made him so upset he wants to cancel the sale entirely and I’m going to return the bike to him…whenever he wants I guess. So that is that…I am no longer the owner of the scooter.

I really like riding around that way and saving the money as well, so I’ve been looking around online at various styles of scooter and motorcycles.  I think I’ve found one that I want.  It isn’t exactly conventional, but I’m going to see if it is street legal here and if it is.  I’ll buy it with the gas savings….so you’ll see it later.

I had a great day though sold only one policy, but one policy a day is my goal. 

I ate super with a friend at G-man.  It was really good and now I’m home going to bed.

Nighty Night…