Select Page I don’t remember it from when I was a kid, but it sure does smell good. It must have smell just as sweet. This tree seems especially fragrant though. It is a little tree standing about 5 feet tall. I haven’t got the ornaments on it yet, but the lights are on and it looks great from the street through the window. We don’t look like scrudges this year…..woo hoo.

I did my second interview with TeamDoubleClick today and now I have to listen to a orientation video sign that I agree with the thing and then I will officially be ready to help you with whatever job you need done. That is if you click on the link in my sidebar and request me to be your assistant. (Really I don’t know if they allow requests.) It is a nice thought though. is Kyra taking her late nap today. She stayed with Liz while I did the interview and I guess she wore her out, so she came home and just zonked.

I had my rock club meeting last night. They had the elections of officer’s and ha ha… I am the secretary’s assistant. They also gave me free membership for saying I would do a club website. Which…is at I am doing it as a blog for now as I know them obviously and that will make it not look so empty. Plus these blogs are easier to update and add information too. I picked a nice theme with grass at the top for that one. I probably won’t change that unless I find a good rock picture.

Well, I am going to bed early tonight, like right now. I haven’t had time to update on here though, so I felt I should. Bye…