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20070623_03903p We went for the wedding.  Here is the highlight of that.  We thought it started at 4, but it didn’t start until 4:30, so 20070623_01202p I was the first one in the church.  Aaaahhhh!  I hate when that happens.  I think Tricia was very surprised that I even came though, which is a good thing.  I like being the surprise.  I sent my RSVP card thing in though, so why she was surprised is a mystery to me. 

20070623_00602p We stopped at Adam’s brother’s house before the wedding.  It was a nice visit.  I think they finally have a house that they will stay put at for awhile.  They had been moving like every few months.  There little Zach is really cute.  He is a ham too.  LOL… 

Here are some of my family photos from the wedding.  I don’t see some of my family very often, so I have to take pictures everytime.

20070623_00902pa This is my uncle Pete.

20070623_00902p This is my cousin Tyler, Pete’s son.

20070623_04506p This is my cousin Jeffrey.  He is one that I don’t see often hardly at all.  I don’t think I saw him in over a year. 

20070623_04806p This is my aunt Laurie.  I also haven’t seen her in over a year.  She is the mom of the bride that was married.

20070623_01703p I only have one more wedding image left.  This one is Kyra and me up on the balcony of the church.  We were up there the majority of the wedding and when Tricia listens to the wedding video and hears this “stomp stomp stomp stomp”, she can know that it was Kyra running back and forth in the last set of pews up on the balcony.

I have more pictures and stuff, but it is so late…I will probably post them tomorrow.

Good Night…