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I have been known to enter a photo contest now and again. I entered the one at Ottowein Center and got mentioned. I even entered that terrible commercial scheme once at I guess I regret that entry as I still get junk from them 3 years later. However, here is a photo contest that I am thinking about entering. I could really use the Bibble Software, as it is one that I like, but don’t own. It is one of the prizes all the way to 10th place. I think Kyra is at least cute enough to earn a 10th place.

The contest is called Photograph of the Year and it seems easy enough to enter. You just e-mail them a form with the photo as an e-mail attachment. I am a pro at that…

I have to join and get 5 points in order to enter the contest, but that shouldn’t be too hard, at least I hope not. There are just almost 9,000 members now though, so hopefully all of them won’t enter and my chances will be huge. The coolest thing is the members are also the judges for the contest, so I assume that they will be mostly technical on basis, however this could be way off and they just go for that cute “Kyra” face., but than again. I love my rattlesnake photos. That was a once in a lifetime experience seeing this snake in the wild like I did. Here is that photo…. what do you think, I should do??

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