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Well, it is almost that time of year when you make New Year’s Resolutions. I take resolutions seriously, if you do something for a full year it becomes habit. I believe is a life altering thing, but the first year is the hardest.

This blog was my resolution from this year, I made the resolution to continue to write in it. I have done pretty good and have written at least once a week, most weeks more.

My resolution last year was to no tell a single lie to my parents which I also did. It was hard though. I had prior always had felt pressure to make myself a little better appearing than I really am. It sometimes back fired and made me look really stupid, but I never did live to there expectations, so after telling the truth all last year. It sort of ended in a bang and I have hardly spoke since. I hope I have learned about expectations from that and how not to pass them on to Kyra.

Now however is a new dilemma what should my resolution for this next year be? I want to loose a few pounds, but not bad enough to make it a year long goal. I want to eat less chocolate, but come on…not possible. I am thinking it should be something with Adam or Kyra to just make more family time or maybe some cleaning task that I should keep done. It isn’t to obvious this year though, so I have to give it at least a few more days thought.