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20080130_00712p Ok, I feel like I have been hiding from my site, but I haven’t.  I have what I thought was a bad urinary tract infection, so bad that I went to the doctors.  Well that turns out to be that it is going to my kidneys.  It sort of put me out for awhile.

The doctor gave me an antibiotic.  I have like 3 or 4 of them that I am allergic too, so I just added another one to the list.  This medicine gives me a rash from my neck to my knees.  My infection isn’t hurting as much though and I don’t itch, so it is okay.  I called the doctor again though and they are getting me a different drug to change to for tomorrow.

There was a sort of ice storm yesterday.  I get mad when they cancel school usually, but I wasn’t feeling that great.  I forgive them.  LOL…  We could have went to school though, my bus would have made it.

For my new job though, I have to take these tests on the products.  It is reading these like online text books and then taking a test on them.  I have to take 8 of them in order to get better pay, so for my two weeks that are my notice.  I am going into the office and just doing these tests, so that I can start at this higher pay rate.  I went and did the first one yesterday.  It took me 3 hours, so not bad.

Adam brought me Kyra and from there is when I went to doctors.  I was feeling very bad at that point.  It is crazy.

20080202_01909a I basically zoned out for the night.  I have been playing for the majority of today and trying to rest.  In my rest, Kyra got into massage cream.  This is just the tip of how much she had on her little body, needless to say she feels silky smooth today.

20080130_01001p We have been painting a lot lately.  I am getting her to learn to put the brush in the paint lightly.  She is getting to be such a big girl, like seriously.  She is only 2 though, this can’t be right.

She is talking more than ever though and makes perfect sense usually.  She is very assertive, which is funny sometimes and I correct her for it sometimes.  I like that she is when we ride the bus though.  The kids don’t mess with her.  LOL…  She is very good at asserting her opinions on the dog too.  He actually listens to her better than me sometimes.

She has gotten so she likes doing things by herself too, but she wants to have you watch her while she is doing them by herself.  I guess so you can applaud.

Anyways, that is what is going on here.  It has been crazy.  I am now  looking forward to starting my new job, I will probably update here on my lunch break.  It feels weird not to check the 8 or 9 sites I was previously checking for jobs.  It is a nice thing to not be job hunting, I feel like I have been for so long.  Well, November is when I started, so it has been 3 months.

Have a wonderful night.