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Throwing rotten food and kitty liter on the bus has got this driver being called a snitch?  How crazy. 

I don’t know the exact details of what happened on his bus, but apparently there is a student made video which should give some clue.  It should be viewed by some people in charge of discipline in my opinion. 

My bus would have been sitting on the side of the road if anyone were to throw all this junk and we would have the entire bus cleaning it.  It would have very late getting them home and the bus would have been cleaned or we would have been on a trip back to the school that we came from and the principal outside to claim students involved. 

I would have reported it to my boss immediately probably while happening and my bet is he would have been to my bus within minutes.

I don’t think I would have wrote a letter to the editor the local paper, but it would have probably made my site here as most of the details of my life do.

What do you think of this situation?  Do you think the driver is just a snitch like some of the commentors on that site?  What would you do or what you you like to have seen done?