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Yeah, it really does.  I almost everyday think, man I should post on my site.  The days just come and go though.  I have been ignoring all my online friends, never logging onto my messengers.  I do log on and get the where the heck have you been from like 20 people all at one time.  I never get off.  LOL….

Kyra is doing great.  She is fun to be around, she sets new higher goals for herself constantly.  This morning on the way to the lady that watches her while I work, she wanted to be a farmer, a doctor, and a pilot.  She wants to do everything she sees.  It is spring around and a fun time to be out doing things too, so that is what we are doing.  We are doing as many of the things that she wants to do as we can.

I think I have every single weekend this month booked full of activity.  We are going to the aquarium one weekend though finally….that was my goal for last summer.  It didn’t happen.  We are having bon fires and cook outs.  We are going fishing.  We are going to rodeo one weekend.  We are booked up though, it is amazing full of fun activity.

This past weekend we went to Earth Day events at Renfrew Center.  They had this lady with snakes that were 50 lbs.  Bigger than Kyra.  Kyra was holding them.  There were tortoises she was touching too.  She wouldn’t touch the Lizard.

There was a band there that was playing kids music and had all sorts of "junk" for the kids to use as instruments.  They had old tin cans, pots and pans, wooden spoons, all sorts of stuff.  Kyra was loving it. 

Tom sold rocks at this.  He had his best weekend at this event ever money wise.  Which is good.

We went to a food tasting party afterwards at a friends house and Kyra was playing pool with them.  She sucks almost as much as I do, but it was fun. We sampled all the foods spent a little money on some of the dips and stuff.  Yum…

Otherwise, everything with us is just busy.  I take my state exam on May 6th again, so all my evening sort of free time is studying for that.  I now have 3 books to study, so I have basically no excuse this time for not passing.

Hope everyone else is well.