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It stormed here so bad last night. They say a record was broke that was 50 years old and I guess they are probably right. I don’t remember a storm being that strong in along time. The lightening hit a tree out by our barn and split it in two. That is the only damage though close to our immediate house.

One of the other bus drivers had her house hit though and it ruined all her electrical stuff in her whole house. That would suck, so I offered to help her anyway that I can. She had a sub driver this afternoon though, so hopefully the insurance man came and didn’t underestimate the value of her things.

The storm made everyone not sleep quite right. Including Kyra who was oblivious to the storm, but didn’t really like the loud bangs to much. We went and slept in the basement starting at about 1 am, so she was woke for the trip down. I also have been changing her diaper in the middle of the night because she was getting a little red under there. It is totally better now, but everytime there is a hint of redness I react by changing it in the night. So last night I had done the diaper change and than thunder sounds and on top of that we slept in a strange bed. I was slightly off with my sleep, Adam was way off with his. I don’t think he slept a full hour. Kyra was slightly off though with her pattern. She was so tired in the morning that she didn’t even wake up for the trip from the house to the bus. So when we got in the bus she woke and than went back to sleep after the high school run. She slept only like 20 minutes.

I had my bus serviced today, so that was something different too. I drove it in to the shop after my runs and took a sub bus home for the morning. So that woke her up again, poor baby. She slept another 20 minutes home. We woke her. So finally we go on kindergarten run, this is 11 o’clock. So they meet me with my regular bus and I switch back. The kids come out of school the bus is loaded. Kyra is wide awake. She finally goes to sleep though after the girl that sits with her gets off.

Kyra slept for the whole rest of the run like 15 minutes and the 15 minute ride home. I told Adam I wasn’t waking her, so we talked in the yard while she slept in the bus for another hour. Finally she woke up, I guess she was hungry. I brought her in the house and nursed her. She fell asleep in my arms. She slept until I had to leave again basically only waking up for a few minutes. She finally woke up back at the school and with kids loading. That was the longest nap I think she has ever taken in her whole life. She slept a total of 3� hours as a nap.

This photo up there is her sleeping on the couch. I was holding her in my lap and the phone rang, so I sat her there and answered it. She didn’t even budge. I thought she would wake.

That was pretty much my day, watching a sleeping baby.

Oh Oh, don’t let me forget. Our sump pump in our basement broke on Monday and we bought a new one yesterday. We got that installed tonight. I got a different kind this time so that maybe it will last longer than our old one which only lasted like 3 years. I think this kind with the motor out of the water will last longer who knows though only time will tell. It is all installed though and working hallejulah. While installing this I learned that my ultraviolet light for my water treatment thing was out, so now that is my next new project, but that shouldn’t be too hard. It isn’t simple change a light bulb, but it is a bulb.

Here is Kyra yesterday eating a cheese puff. I think there are too many words and not enough pictures in this post, so there is another picture.

Well, I am going to bed. Night….