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Today has been very trying.  After this morning, I sort of have been running busses around.  I had to get a spare bus so they could fix the stop arm on mine.  I than had to return the spare bus and get my bus back before my route, so I only had like 3 hours in the middle to attempt to get my heart rate under control.  This was very tiring all by itself.

This image is of my bus after I got it back.  That yellow pole that goes across was fixed, and you can see the slight black mark just under the grill. That is the full damage, so really nothing.

Here is the side mirror.  This is what caused the most damage to the other vehicle and you can see it is badly scratched up.  Nobody would notice though unless I point it out.

So that was that….I still feel pretty bad about it. 

I got home from my afternoon route which went smoothly.

I than had this job at the Staples warehouse and another at the store to do.  The company I work for has been calling me daily about this as I think they wanted it done last weekend.  I think the company behind them was pushing them too, so I don’t know all the details.  I just know I had to get it done.

I went to the warehouse.  I did the job.  It was interesting.  I was sitting like in the middle of the action of the whole place opening cases putting an insert in each box and a sticker on each box and then packaging them back up for store delivery.  I have like 20 or so cases of these to do. 

While I was doing it though people were flying by me on skidsters going up and down and all around.  It was like a circus act.  The stuff was stacked on these large shelves 4 stories high, so they would go up get a box put in on a pallet that was flying around with them and then down and off to the next box.

There was this battery station next to me too, so some other type of worker would just show up with little golf cart like things and change the batteries in these UPC scanners like Velcro connected to there wrists. 

I think half the warehouse said “Hi” to me too.  Sort of like who is the new girl looks on their faces.  It was sort of nice.

I than went to the store, tried to do the same job there.  I couldn’t so I just counted how many needed done and paged my boss.  He didn’t answer so I left.

I than went to another job at Sears.  I did that and left there.

I am now home and exhausted.  It is crazy how much I miss Kyra when I am not here too.  I like to think I need a break from her when I am here all day and than night.  I get this sort of break from her and I miss her.  I am crazy….

Well…I am going to empty my reader and go to bed early.  Good Night….


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