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Sleep, why is it so hard for me to get to sleep lately? I used to be able to just go lay down and after a bit I would fall asleep. Last night I laid and laid and laid, but sleep didn’t come. I was in bed just after 9, but I was still laying there waiting for sleep when Adam got home at 1 am. I lay and think about anything and everything, but especially thinking “Why aren’t I falling asleep?”. I seem to not be tired now though even though I only got like 4 to 5 hours sleep at the maximum.

The worst part about it is I get to see Kyra sleeping out cold the whole time. She sleeps so well. Everyone asks me does she sleep good for you, thinking that if she sleeps that I sleep, but the opposite is true. She sleeps oh so well and I just suck.

That is enough for now. Bye.