Select Page Well, because today was today. I am going to post a picture of someone else’s kid and not mine. This child does look almost as cute as mine though and she appears to like her situation amazingly. It is interesting what people do to there children though…this photo no exception.

Today was a rough day but I can’t figure out why it was a rough day. I know that sounds strange, but it just seemed like normal things were harder than they usually are today. I had my oil changed in my bus which I do every month and I switched with another driver so she could take my bus to the shop. That started out smoother than it usually is, however I left my phone in my bus. That sucks… I drove kindergartener’s like normal. Nothing unusual happened except that I was in a different bus. I got to school to trade back into my bus and my boss come back to tell me my bus was messy.

Now, I keep thinking. “What if he had seen it this morning.” I swept it yesterday and again this morning, so how is is messy??? Oh, the mess is my jacket on the floor behind my seat and some other jackets left by students. I can’t have things on top of the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher that I can’t figure out how to get out of there to clean around, ha ha. I would be no good in a fire, honestly. I have no idea how to retrieve my invaluable extinguisher and I cover it with a coat.

Oh well, I guess. This is life.

I watched the rest of season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. I feel lucky to be loved, I guess and to have loved. I know she picks Derek next season only because the show has to go on and that makes a better show. (Don’t tell me if I am wrong..because that would be great too.) I hope Izzy comes back. I like her, but do think she is a wack job for trying to save that man without a heart. I guess that makes me unhuman. I hope Kristy and Berk make it through all this. They are the cutest couple. Adam was looking online the other day about there real life biographies though and her real husband is a very nice looking white guy. I knew a lot of very nice looking white guys that were dating Korean girls back when I was in the military. I am proud of them no matter, but it makes me wonder if that is how they met.

Kyra and I played, but not as much as we usually do. She slept quite a bit today.

I am working on reinstalling windows into my backup hard drive to make my boot up faster and to just clean up my whole system. I am failing miserably at it though. I hate hooking up drivers and getting configurations right. I got Windows installed, but it isn’t finding my internet and I didn’t know I had to do anything for it to find that, so I am sort of stuck. I gave up and put in my old hard drive. I will work on it again tomorrow, so maybe I will be bald by this time tomorrow from pulling my own hair out.

Well, I know it is early for me, but today was today. So I am going to bed…as to wake up just slightly better tomorrow. Oh, and maybe I will have a picture of my own child tomorrow.