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20071008_03707p I am in the local Mom’s Club, like I have said many times on here.  I am sort of the odd one out though.  I think because I work, but there are others that work too.  It is all strange though.  Anyways…they are always asking for hosts to some of their events like “Mom’s Night Out”, so I volunteered to host.  Aren’t I nice??  I made the theme finger foods, so that it would be easy on me.  I made these wonderfully flavored cocktail sausages covered in bacon.  Well, I covered them with bacon, but Robin cooked them for me.  She is a master cook. 

Anyways, you get the idea.  I was already. Nobody came…well.  I should take that back one person called and said they could come, but was going to be late.  I told them that nobody else was coming, so they chose not to come as well.  It was a bit disappointing as I was all ready and I have been to ones with like 20 people.

Oh well, I guess.

Kyra was with her dad today.  She went to parks all day though.  He took her to like 3 or 4 different parks. 

20071007_02001p Yesterday we went to the little church park which is the tiniest thing every, but it was fun.  We only stayed like 10 minutes though.

20071007_02401p The dog came too. I am trying to take him places as much as I can.  I want him to be super friendly and socialized.

Today, I got my 3 jobs for the week done.  Well, sort of done.  I am going back to one of them on Friday because the one supervisor wasn’t there and the people that were there couldn’t really help me with this job, so I didn’t have some of the materials.

Adam isn’t taking Kyra overnight anymore, so my usual Monday Night Football game turned into watch 10 minutes of the game and it is time for Barney.  We come home.  I might go back and watch the 3rd quarter when she goes to sleep.

Anyways, that is all that is going on.  Have a great night.