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Today, I was expecting to get my new/old bus this morning.  Well, I got to the point where I was supposed to get it and there sat a shiny old sub bus and not the bus I was getting.  I was highly disappointed, but moved on.  I could feel the tear ducts in my eyes swelling though as my bus drove off without me.  I know that seems stupid, but I have driven that bus for 3 years and really did like it.

So, I took this old junker bus for my morning routes and of all the days for a parent to come tell me I sucked well it had to be today.  Yeah, a parent come and told me what a lousy driver, I was and that I should be worried about my job.  I back up to fast into there driveway.

I was good though and didn’t say anything, but my mind was going. 

I think I could walk home from here and this jerk can have my job and this cruddy bus with it. 

How exactly is it that you can back into a driveway to fast anyways??  I mean the faster you get out of the way of traffic the better right??  I really feel stupid for this, but I have never hit there mail box or anything like that.  What is the issue honestly??  I really think this guy was just having a bad day like me, so he decided it was my day with that bullseye on my face??

I went to breakfast with Lyn when I got back. Adam picked Kyra up at the restaurant.  I went to Circuit City did my job there. I went to Walmart did my job there.  I had every intention of going to Manpower about a job after that, but I got there and there was a note on the door be back at 12:45, so that was that.  I wasn’t waiting.  I than had every intention of going to the college admissions office and getting some of my junk started there, but I go there and there was a note on the door be back at 1:30. 

Well, I really much have a bullseye on my face today.  What do you think?

I came home for a few hours, rested… I guess.

I left with that old junker bus to go get my new junker bus.  Let me just say that I am highly disappointed.  I will just call this motivation though to quit driving.  I really am going to get a new job sometime soon here.  I went from having my nice bus with 40,000 to this one with 110,000 miles on it.  No, it probably isn’t a bad bus.  I am just sad about the whole thing though, it is an easy downgrade.  The seat isn’t even comfortable.

I did my routes though and the kids about 1/2 seemed to hate it and 1/2 liked it.  I got home and Stephen was here which was a nice surprise.  We ended up going and getting his parents TV that was being repaired…finished… and then ate at Sheetz.  How simple huh??

I got a call from Robin that she needed a designated driver.  I came home from being with Stephen and jumped in my car off to get them.  I got them, got back home and Kyra was here waiting on me.  Now, here I am holding her and typing this, she has had a crazy day to with her grandfather.  His hip surgery was supposed to be today, but his blood was too thin, so they postponed it until tomorrow morning at 6 am.  He spent the day in the hospital, which is probably good.  Hopefully the got him to do those exercises they tried to before the surgery…not sure if doing them one time will help though.  Who knows…

Well, that was my crazy mostly sad day.  I should have a much better day tomorrow because can you get worse??  Well, yeah it could be worse, so let’s hope not.  Have a great night.