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Tomorrow when I unwrap my toe.  I will no longer have a toe nail.  Aaaahhhhh.

I had it done at Scotland Podiatric the doctor was Dr. Sekel.

It hurt really bad when he was sticking the needle in to numb it.  It pretty much sucked, I screamed.  I think he was nice though and probably did a good job.  I will tell you better tomorrow because I didn’t watch.

I guess he cut the nail in quarters and just took it out one piece at a time.  It took about 10 minutes to get numb and than about 10 minutes for the removal and bandaging.  Oh, and 10 minutes for the paperwork at the beginning and another 10 minutes for paperwork at the end.

A thing that sucked though was that they gave you a paper that said to take Motrin or Ibuprofen within an hour of the procedure, but I asked for some because I wasn’t going straight home, plus I live 30 minutes away.  They didn’t have any….can you believe that.  We had to run to the store to get this immediately after the thing.

I am mostly happy that this is over.  I hopefully will sleep better tonight. 

I go back to have it checked on the 18th and have to soak it everyday until than for 15 minutes.