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Today was like a million times better than yesterday.  I don’t feel perfect yet, but tomorrow is the last day of medicine. 

My routes today were smoother than they have been, so we are looking up.  I am sort of ready for summer though which I wasn’t last year at this time.

I got some work done today and feel fairly accomplished.  I still have lots to go as usual though, which is great really when you put it into perspective.

Kyra on a recliner Here is Kyra relaxing with Adam today.  They were each on there own recliner laughing across the room at each other.

Here is Kyra with me wrapped all in a blanket after her bath. 

Last one, I painted her toe nails tonight for the first time, so their she is examining her finger and toe nails painted red. Red is the only color of polish I have anymore…I laugh though at that thought because when I was a kid.  I collected polish.  I think I had 200 different colors at one point.

Well, that is all for me.  I am going to bed early tonight too.