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Well, I guess I am going to give you all the sneak preview of my new site.  It is looking good, but there aren’t that many articles over there yet.  I was going to wait until I had 50 to tell you about it, but I can’t wait that long.  I am trying to write one article a day and taking quite a bit of time on them.  I am really trying to make these well researched articles unlike I do for this site.

Here I sort of just tell you about me and as you have figured out there isn’t much research in that.  I am just sort of floating by, day to day.

Oh, so this new site is located at  Check it out, comments and all that.  It does have the no-follow removed from comments, so you will get credit and all that.  It also has Adsense which is something that I don’t usually use or advocate using.  I am going to have Nia doing some writing soon…. I also offered to allow one of my old neighbors to write, but I don’t know if she will or not. 

Well, today was productive beyond that even.  We got the barn cleaned or rather Adam did.  We went for a short walk. 

We got the bills paid, yeah I paid 3 of them late even though I had the money for them to be on time.  I think this is the first I have ever did that.  I just left them sitting there because I didn’t feel like adding up the checkbook.  Isn’t that really sad.  I hope they don’t hit me with huge late fees, but I am afraid I will end up paying for this, so that will be my lesson learned.

 Adam is still complaining about the price of the locksmith to put our new locks in.  He tells me that I have bad timing and what a rip off, but it is already done.  What does he want me to do??  We won’t have to get it done again ever probably…I mean locks aren’t something you buy on a regular basis.

20070613_01201p Kyra is getting so cute.  She is learning so much so fast now.  She is going to be talking in full sentences sooner than we think.  I am trying to just enjoy all the little crazies that she says and does now instead of looking forward to later dates.  She is hilarious most of the time. She has been doing this shocked look quite a bit now at new things.  It makes me laugh.

I also have added a full page for my driver news section on this site on my top bar there.  It just leads to the category page, but I am getting more and more other bus drivers in here.  It is seeming so cool to get so many prospective’s from other drivers, so don’t hesitate and go back in those and read up.  I would love to know what you would have done or any thing on any of those.  I think reading what people do wrong in the newspapers is a great way to learn what not to do for everyday with this job.

I only put disciplinary news mostly.  I don’t mess with the accidents or criminal trials, so even the opinions of parents and the likes are appreciated and maybe we can learn from each other.  Anyways, I thought I would mention that.

I am going to hit bed early tonight actually.  I have slept well for the last few nights which is amazing.  I have also did quite a few sponsored posts, with it summer I make way less money and those are handy even though pay very little.  Hope you don’t mind them….I try to make them interesting on there own as well.  Good Night…