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Today went way to quick. It is already basically over. It seems like I just woke up…

I have taken a ton of pictures today. This first one is the best/worst one of Kyra’s black forehead from the other night. It was really done good.

We went and did morning run. Nothing special happened. We went and did kindergarten. Nothing special again. Our school district has a new transportation director though, so she called me right as I was about to leave. She is adding a student to my run and wanted to talk about it, so I said I would stop at her office after my run. So that is what we (we meaning me and Kyra) did..It is no big deal. That is done. I talked to her about changing my elementary run around, so that I don’t have to squeeze out of the one place everyday. I hope she allows it. Woo Hoo on asking though.

Well, by this time we had less than an hour before we had to be to the school again, so I went down to the Peace Garden and took pictures. (I almost always have my camera with me.) So here are small version of several of the pictures that I took at the Peace Garden today…

So that is that park. This is a really pretty time of year there though.

Then after the park, I drove the kids home. Nothing special.

When we got home though…it downpoured. I was safe and sound in my house. It was sunny all the way til then. Here is the picture of my tree out my front door. You can see the rain it was raining so hard…

After that we went to the mall where we walk every Thursday evening. We did our hour walk with the other ladies. Then we were home again…for the night this time. Kyra went almost directly to bed. She was very tired.

There is one last picture this was taken today while Kyra was taking her nap on the bus. So there you have it another day gone…So quickly.