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Today is a great day. I went to Carlisle with Liz, my neighbor, and picked up the photo she drew for me after it was framed. It is about as great as it can be. It looks even better on the wall. I will have a picture later.

My brother-in-law left, which is good. He is a nice guy and all, but I was getting sick of him being here. He has some characteristics that I don’t like, yet I think or rather I know I probably have some that people don’t like too. I don’t have intentions of going to someone elses house though anytime. There are some things I liked about having him here though. I liked that my house seemed occupied all the time. I liked that I got to visit with him. I hope he comes back next year for another 5 days that would be good until than. I will love my peace and quiet house with just us here.

My bus runs have went smoothly the last few days. I am almost to where I know all the names. It is truly harder than I thought it would be. I have been told some a few dozen times and they just don’t sink in or I want to put the wrong name with the wrong kid. I know for sure that I learned one kid today. “Quinton”, I now have that name engrained on my head.

I have made my assigned seat charts finally. I did them in between my run while Kyra was still sleep. I need to get to the Transportation department to finalize all the changes that are made. I will do that tomorrow while Adam has Kyra and I do my kindergarten kids.

I have tried to take a picture of the picture, but I can’t get one without glare. Tomorrow will be a better day.