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I don’t think it is a bad idea to throw all the van drivers into the random drug testing pool.  I also don’t think it is a bad idea to check background on these drivers more than 3 years or repull them every year or so.

Some drivers who drive for a living are just crazy though and maybe I am one of those, I have no idea what people think of my driving honestly.  I’ll admit there are a few places in my routes where I go faster than the speed limit. 

There is one particular section where the speed limit is 25 and every single day, I think what the heck is this about.  It is just dumb…  I am basically driving between a 10 foot high fenced park and a cow pasture. 

The really stupid part of it is that there is a walking trail where tons of people cross the street which is probably 200 yards up the road.  I think it would be totally appropriate to have this slow speed limit at this spot, but the speed limit is raised to 45 just before you get to it.  Every single day, I swear, as I drive through this section.  You can hear me whimpering “duh” to someone in the government who set these.

Anyways, back to the point… It is crazy that this van driver had to loose his life and the life of a student in order to get some attention, but I do hope that they take this accident seriously and do change some laws.  I even hope they name the law after this student.. laws in memory of people are always a good idea.

Here is the PDF.