Select Page Well, today went by with a whirlwind effect. I mean is it already after 9 pm?? Wow..I guess it is. It is sort of funny that this happens to, because I got down working early. I should be like a longer day since I had 2 hours extra time after the work day that I don’t usually have. This isn’t the case though and on these short days never seems to be.

I didn’t take a single picture today. If, those HP guys give me a new camera now…I would have taken some pictures. Today is lost though, so maybe they will come through with that thin camera of my dreams that I can’t afford to buy. Ha ha….but really. They say they are giving away cameras.

Here though is a picture of Kyra with Stephanie from yesterday. I think Kyra has a (whats the word??) “special” bond with. Stephanie was the first person to hold her besides me and Adam. Now Kyra cries for at least 5 minutes when we leave Stephanie. They were playing dress up yesterday, so here is that look. The pictures didn’t turn out so great, but oh well. You can sort of see the sequins doll outfit that Kyra is wearing. They played together over an hour, so that was good.

Well any ways back to today. I did my morning route the only thing that was normal about today…normal time that is. Than I did my kindergarten for the last time. 🙁 I gave all the magnetic name tags that I made for the kids assigned seats to the new driver, so now my bus looks empty with only like 2 names on each seat. It is time to move on though…with that section of my day. I gave them all pencils with little grips on them as a Christmas/See ya gift. That was an hour earlier than on a normal day.

I came home than on Adam’s request..he had kept Kyra. I was going to like eat at Pizza Hut wait 40 minutes and than just go to high school to get next round of kids. I came home though got some PBJ sandwiches and pretty much just left. I took Kyra with me though. We did the afternoon routes..I didn’t hear anything of the goings on about the kids that I wrote up this morning. They didn’t give me my copy of the reports back like they usually do, but the one that called me a name wasn’t riding. The other kids said that the principal talked to them, but who knows.. what was said and is the result.

We got home and Adam was ready to go shopping, so off we went shopping. We spent $60 at Toys R Us. I got some Lego’s for Kyra which is what I wanted…not those gigantic ones and not the teenie tiny ones. The size in the middle that is just right. I should have gotten 2 buckets of them, but I only got one. We got Haley a doll for her birthday. Kyra picked it out, so hopefully she will love it. I don’t know if she is as into dolls as Kyra is though… I got Kyra a cheaper doll. We got one of those popper machine things that they pull and it pops. Kyra loves playing with those in the store, so hopefully she will love it at home and not annoy me to much with it. That is all we bought though…$60. Wow huh? The little things are so expensive, but who can live without them??

We went to the mall next door to the toy store and ate dinner and did a couple laps. It is a big mall, so fair exercise. Well, it is now close to 10 pm. It has taken me almost an hour to type this small post…I haven’t been very steady at typing, but I am seriously getting to bed. Night…