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Well, this last week has sort of been a bore probably for anyone who wanted to watch my life. We are broke with our bills paid, so things are good. We don\’t really have a budget for entertaining though at the moment, so our fun times include walking around our small town.\r\n

Well there was a truck pull in our town this week. We went Friday night. I never stepped on to the property the pull was being held on because Stephen\’s work owns the property that we sat on to watch. That being said about ½ way through the show, Stephen\’s boss had us bought arm bands to be on the show property. This wasn\’t really necessary because we didn\’t step on the property at all and had permission to be where we were.\r\n

Now, let me tell you about Saturday night. The truck pull was going on for a second night, so we were going to go watch it. Ha right.. small town we live in. There was a cop posted at Stephen\’s work gate and he was a real jerk. He stopped me from going onto the property. I\’m pretty sure that what he did was illegal because it\’s private property that we had permission to be on and the property isn\’t associated at all with the truck pull. Anyways, we left… the boss was coming this night as well to pay for tickets for us, but the cop lost out on a lot of money for the tractor pull.\r\n

That was the most exciting thing about my weekend though.\r\n

These kids are pretty fun. Drake is going into quite the man. He now says \”I just want to hug you!\” whenever he\’s being bad. It makes you laugh, but he still gets in trouble.\r\n

Kyra is going to be riding in the truck with her father again next week for the whole week. I get so worried with her gone, but I know her dad does his best to make sure she is safe. He sure does love her. I am glad in a way she gets to go, but in another way I wish he would just take a week off to spend with her at home without all the driving. Oh well…this is the reality.