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Here is a picture of Adam and Kyra at the train station before we left on our little trip today. We went to Lancaster and back on a train, had lunch. It was fun. It is sort of our warm up trip before our 20 hour train ride back from Florida next month. So 30 minutes doesn’t compare to 20 hours…Oh well, it worked for us.

Here is a picture of Adam holding Kyra’s hand walking as we went to the restaurant to eat.

We learned a lot. We mostly learned however that there is virtually no security at all. We thought or at least I did that there would be metal detectors etc, just like going to airport. They didn’t even check ID. They let Adam sign my ticket and me sign his. It was really bizzarre to me with all this security issues going on that the Amtrak is so lax. I guess who would want to damage 3 almost empty of passenger rail cars though??? Maybe there will be more security when we take the AutoTrain.

We didn’t like the looks of the place I picked out to eat in Lancaster today, so we ended up just eating at Boston Market, but it was good. We went to Marshall’s shopping because we had time, while we was there. I bought Kyra one of those floating swimming suits. I think she will really like it. She is getting sick of the restriction of the tube that we put her in. This will really let her move in the water. I also think she is outgrowing her other suit, so a new one is good. It was only $5.00 too, so bonus. We than went to Staples and I bought a couple of packs of scented erasers. I will give them to kids on my bus, I mean what kid doesn’t need a blueberry scented eraser?? LOL… We had lots of time too. I thought we would have to be at the train station like at least an hour early with all this security that we couldn’t find, so we planned with generous amounts of time. Oh well, we had fun.

Here is a picture of Kyra showing off her clapping skills at the restaurant. She is so proud of her clapping. It is pretty funny to get her going. She dances, claps, waves, and now does High Five. High Five being the newest thing. I think everyone that sees her smiles. Kyra was very tired on the way back, her nap schedule was all messed up. It probably will be when we go to Florida too. She likes seeing all the action and can fight sleep very well.

Kyra slept the way home and then just went into bed for the night and that is where she is now with me about to join her. I did my computer back up tonight, so nothing will be lost…I also am working on cleaning out my computer registry. That is something I have never done and is sort of complicated because if you do it wrong well. The computer probably won’t start for you, so that is another reason for the backup tonight. My computer however is taking about 5 minutes to boot which is crazy, so clearing this junk from the registry has already made a dramatic improvement. Another minute faster and I will be happy. I already have it down to 3 minutes. I admit to running lots of stuff though.

Well, today was fun. I don’t work tomorrow, so hopefully. I will just get stuff done around the house here. It should be a productive long weekend.