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Need to escape?? Maybe you are looking to see the results of all the hard work done in New Orleans. SideStep travel offers some of the best deals on New Orleans Hotels and travel. You can stay in the French Quarter for only $62 a night. That is a hot area right next to where the Superdome is located.I am a Saints fan, so I would personally love to go here during a football game. I like those gold colored pants that they wear at home. LOL… It is really nice to see them back in action down there. I can’t wait to see how well Robert Meachem does this upcoming year. I love it when they draft out of Tennessee. (Yeah, I know I am in PA and this is not the normal favorite team for up here. I have been all around the country though and I am not a local favorite here. The local teams are actually my least favorites….aaaahhhh!)

Oh, yeah…anyways. SideStep Travel is a great place to go when you are comparing travel sites. I will surely use them in my next comparison. I am also a fan of shopping around and the more places to shop the better. It takes me a long time to decide on travel plans and I am usually that one that is months in advance.