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So my resolution has been accomplished.  So I tried to walk on this thing today after we got it assembled.  I walked 15 minutes and was exhausted.  I think it is more because I was tired before I started and I don’t feel all that good.

It was a pretty nice day out today though.  Here are a couple of pictures of Kyra on the window sill with her feet outside and than inside.  I don’t post many pictures of her crying, so this is one of them.  The truth is she doesn’t cry very often, so I don’t have pictures of her crying.

She is mastering the mean face now.  Everytime you look at her she makes a growly face which is pretty funny because I know I taught her it.  LOL….

She also has learned to fart on purpose.  You wouldn’t believe the sounds that come from this little package.  She can really rip them up.  The kids on the bus think it is hilarious, so I don’t think I am going to be able to get them to quit laughing when she does it, but I have tried.  I told them that it isn’t funny and blah blah blah, but they still laugh.  I don’t really want to raise a kid that all the time farts on purpose.  Oh my…what have I got here.  LOL…

I didn’t get much accomplished today really other than this.  I was having trouble with my computer early on and then Adam had a doctor’s appointment and left.  Basically, I have felt like blah all day on top of this, so hopefully tomorrow will be a high accomplishment day to feel good about.

I am getting my hair done first thing though, so maybe that will be a start to a good day.  LOL….

Well, I am honestly going to bed in a split second.  I have my teeth brushed and everything.  Night…