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Well, that is the flower in my front. I just love those flowers they are perenial and they flower all year long starting now. Isn’t that a good photo too, probably one of my best close up ones ever, the background blurred just right. It is perfect.

Tree though, they dedicated a tree at the school to the bus driver that was killed and I went to that service tonight. I had never been to one of those. It was actually quite touching. Although they already had the tree planted and the marker made. I thought they would do something like that right during the demo, but they just talked about her. Which is good as there are people still mourning. She was a good lady.

I do her old job now, but I don’t want to be thought of as filling her shoes because really that isn’t what I am doing. She filled her own shoes quite nicely. I do my job as me. The way I do it, sort of my version. I don’t want to be the strict person. I want to be laid back and less rigid. Life is too short as she has proven.

The last few days have been monumental days for Kyra. She is eating like a pro. She has started walking. She is just blooming into her own little person. I am so excited seeing so much independence in there. I know other moms want there babies to stay babies forever, but I love that she is growing to be her own person. She makes some of her own chooses. She now can play with her tree house toy and actually fit the ball into the little hole that it is supposed to go into.

Well, I am going to bed. Night….