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halloweentreat-thumb Aawww Wander, you are so nice to me.  I love Carmel apples.

I am going to give this over to Foreign Beauty.  I just like reading her antics.  She deserves a delicious apple.

Just Simply Holly deserves the apple too.  She has been visiting here a lot lately and I love it.  She is pretty nice too…that helps.

Erika Jean gets an apple.  She is the first participant in my M&M contest.  I love the photo of her when she was a girl.  It is a great entry.  Thanks…enjoy the apples, don’t they look delicious.

Joy Unexpected gets an apple.  I think she needs one for being able to look around and see all those fires and still stay calm with her camera in tow.

Lastly, My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings gets the apple.  She is just pretty fun, simple as that.

Enjoy the apples ladies, yes…they are all ladies this time.  That doesn’t happen with me that often.  Have a great Halloween.